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Resolving Existing Access Issues.jpg

Resolving Existing Access Issues

Existing site access may not meet the required highway standards. We can provide a holistic view on how the access could be improved and if there are highway constraints which reduce the scope of any improvements, we could advise you on an alternative strategy to resolve the issue pragmatically.  

Pre-purchase Due Diligence.jpg

Pre-purchase Due Diligence  

Assisting land-owners and developers at the pre-purchase stage by providing an impartial advice on matters such as access issues, land ownership, levels/gradient issues and planning history of the site.

Land Promotion and Optimisation.jpg

Land Promotion and Optimisation

Assisting land-owners and developers during the Local Plan site allocation by preparing a Local Plan Transport Representation Report.

Transport Statements and Transport Assessments .jpg

Transport Statements and Transport Assessments  

Most developments require Transport Statements or Transport Assessment depending on the scale, type and complexity of the developments in order to assess the transport implications of the proposals. Some Transport Assessments require trip generation using TRICS and junction capacity assessment using modelling software such as ARCADY/PICADY/LINSIG which we are well versed with.

Travel Plan.jpg

Travel Plan and Travel Plan Coordination

We can assist you in preparing Travel Plans, be it a Framework Travel Plan for planning application purposes, Interim Travel Plan to discharge a pre-occupation planning condition or a Full Travel Plan post occupation of the development. We can organise, analyse travel surveys for any land use to assist with Travel Plan Co-ordination.


Delivery & Servicing Management Plans  

Depending on the type of development, a Delivery & Servicing Management Plan are required typically for a mixed-use development or a scheme which may result in competing need for servicing space with adjacent properties.


Construction Traffic Management Plans  

More and more Local Authorities now require Construction Traffic Management Plans during planning applications, whereby we can prepare a Draft Construction Traffic Management Plan. We have extensive experience in preparing such plans to discharge planning conditions with input from the Contractors.

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Car Park Management Plans

We have produced Car Park Management Plans for commercial and residential developments. These plans provide an effective and efficient parking strategy and controls; and are a tool to manage parking demand by identifying the users of a parking area and planning for their parking needs.

Traffic and Parking Stre.jpg

Traffic and Parking Stress Surveys

With our ties with a number of traffic survey companies, we can provide you with a competitive quote to undertake traffic and parking stress surveys. We can then analyse the results and tabulate them in a comprehensible format.

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